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Heartland Duals Teams 2023

Girls Scholarship Form


In a continued effort to support the growth of girls wrestling in South Dakota, we are offering a chance to earn some Scholarship money towards USA events for this summer. If you are a girl wrestler in the age groups of 14U, 16U, and Junior; please take a look at the attached scholarship form.  Also, please note the deadline of June 1st.

Lets keep growing!

SD USA Wrestling Board

2023 Junior Boys & Girls Duals and 14U Girls Duals

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FARGO Points System 2023 - Athletes & Coaches

New for this year is a points implementation system. Please make sure to read this document carefully.  This will be important for any athlete, or coach wanting to participate and attend Fargo this year. Reach out to SDUSAW with any questions.  

2023 USA Wrestling Schedule of Events

We have highlighted the events that have shown interest in the past, or that we are planning to form teams for (14U Duals & Junior Duals.) Applications for 14U and Junior Duals will be posted soon!!

16U Duals Registration Form 4/22/23

There is a deadline for deposit coming up soon, so if your wrestler is interested make sure you get this form filled out!  If not, there is a good chance they will NOT have any of the team gear and will be responsible for getting their own singlets. Please check with us as weight classes needed may change daily.  We want to take two wrestlers per weight class if possible!